5.26--5.30一周经济数据及财经事件  来自MACD.CN






央行动态( 5月25日 -- 5月31日
05-27 17:15 维也纳 欧洲央行理事会成员兼奥地利央行行长雷贝舒召开新闻发布会
19:00 马德里 欧洲央行理事会成员斯马吉以及欧洲央行理事会成员兼西班牙央行行长奥德内兹发表讲话
23:50 旧金山 美国旧金山联储主席耶伦就"政策的前景以及含义"发表演讲
05-28 威斯康星州 美国明尼阿波利斯联储主席斯特恩发表讲话
东京 日本央行召开国际会议,主题为"货币政策与理论前沿"
05-29 09:00 旧金山 美国达拉斯联储主席费舍尔发表演讲,主题为"通胀与债务:财政政策与货币政策之间的互动"
11:00 日本山形 日本央行政策委员会成员龟崎英敏向商业届人士发表讲话/14:30 龟崎英敏召开新闻发布会
05-30 法兰克福 欧洲央行理事会成员韦伯为欧洲央行成立10周年召开研讨会至开幕词
国际财经大事( 5月25日 -- 5月31日
05-25 22:30 纽约 美国财长保尔森发表演讲
05-26 11:00 东京 美国财政部助理部长楼瑞发表演讲,主题为"从金融危机和金融动荡中吸取教训"
05-28 中国天津 亚洲协会第18届企业年会举行(至30日)
05-30 伦敦 英国银行家协会将对Libor利率的设定程序进行修改
21:00 卢森堡 卢森堡首相兼欧元集团主席容克主持召开卢森堡2008年金融论坛会议
各国大选( 5月25日 -- 5月31日
财经会议预告( 5月25日 -- 5月31日
05-29 巴塞尔 国际清算银行―巴塞尔银行监管委员会召开"风险转移机制与金融稳定"主题会议(至30日),美联储主席伯南克发表关键讲话
05-30 上海 上海金融投资博览会召开(至31日)
假日预告( 5月25日 -- 5月31日
05-26 美国 阵亡将士追悼日 市场休市
英国 春季银行假日 市场休市

[08:58:19] 趋势交易组 :

[08:58:19] 趋势交易组 :
1、 建仓比重:       
A  组合类:同类品种不超过总资金的15%;       
B  单一类:同类品种不超过总资金的30%;      
品种 方向 开仓 建仓日 策略 止盈(损) 风险 获利点数
a809  多  5490  0520  持有  5490       中   5
ru809 多  23655 0520  持有  25700      中   2595
zn808 空  17800 0523  持有  18350      中   140
y809  多  11340 0528  持有  11000      中
CU 空    RU 多    ZN 空    AL 暂无
A  多    Y  多    M  多    SR 空



My FriendFeed activity for Tuesday, May 27

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Jason Shellen, Bwana McCall and 13 other people have updates.
Jason Shellen posted a message on Twitter
"at an undisclosed location"
3 minutes ago - Comment
Bwana McCall (friend of Louis Gray) posted a message
"Since you started using FriendFeed, do you get more comments here than on your blog?"
9 minutes ago - Comment
 michael h, Jake Fudge and Shey liked this
 I would say I get more here - Bwana McCall
 What we need is a centralized system such that blog's comments shows up here, and comments made here show up on blog automatically!! (Disqus is right on track!!) - Jigar Mehta
 I was talking about a similar thing in another FF post. This is where FF can mop up. They need to get their API to feedback into various site's comment systems. Then it will own :) I never post replies on Flickr, but I have been leaving replies here when I see a nice piccy. Shame it doesn't update the Flickr page :( - Jake Fudge
 More on the blog. But some posts get more here. It's a good mix. - Louis Gray
40 minutes ago - Comment
 ben bloch liked this
 The subject matter is a little "Ruff!" - Louis Gray
 Louis is on a roll - ben bloch
Philipp Lenssen posted a link
Robert Scoble posted two messages on Twitter
"on http://qik.com/scobleizer with the dogs of Dogster.com"
40 minutes ago - Comment
"at dogster hanging out with the dogs. Woof!"
45 minutes ago - Comment
Jeremy Zawodny bookmarked a page on del.icio.us
13 minutes ago - Comment
 some really useful ideas in here - Jeremy Zawodny
Sacca posted a message on Twitter
"I have tied my shoes with heavier duty string than what currently suspends the kid washing my building's exterior windows. Yikes."
2 hours ago - Comment
Google Reader
Steve Rubel (friend of Louis Gray) shared an item on Google Reader
31 minutes ago - Comment
 Now that's an idea! - Steve Rubel
 We would quit. - Louis Gray
 They would go out of business as everyone is presumed upon to wear multiple hats.. Sometimes I feel as if my brain has been over hyper-threading itself. :) - Mathew A. Koeneker
Brian Solis (friend of Louis Gray) posted an entry on bub.blicio.us
48 minutes ago - Comment
 Not a penny - Brian Sullivan
 No. Do I have to accept "commercial breaks"? :-) - Baard Overgaard Hansen
 Nope! - Greg
 Maybe. Would it secure service? - Sandra Fernandez
 no. - Thomas Hawk
 Nah. Adocu doesn't charge; I'll just pipe everything into there. - Mark Trapp
 i don't even use twitter for free - Tyler
 Not in it's current state. 6 months of stability, then maybe, but it depends on the perks. - Bwana McCall
 Nope. - Louis Gray
 No frakking way - DAVE ID
 sure, with guaranteed up-time, high-limit API calls, some other feature integrations - Morgan
 No. I'd accept a few ads, though. - David Risley
 yes and no - Caroline
 Never - Svartling
 Probably not but withhold a final decision to see if it can be stabile for 2 consecutive weeks. - Mathew A. Koeneker
 Depends. Maybe a small amount for some sort of Premium feature - possibly in a subscription format. Set it & Forget it, you know? - Jake Fudge
 I realized today that many of my tweets are coming from FriendFeed and how little I'm using Twitter. A week ago I would have said yes, today, no. - Shey
 Two consecutive weeks? Optimist. - Mark Trapp
 no - Adnan
 It depends if it was guaranteed to be stable. But I'm pretty sure I could get away without using it. - Timothy Neilen
 yea, but it would have to be solid. - ben bloch
 I would if they could guarantee uptime. Say a month without going down and every month it went down I got my money back. And even then I would pay at most maybe 10 bucks a month tops. - Jason Kaneshiro
 Yes. I am wondering if there could be deals with cell carriers so that (for example) you would get a Twitter subscription bundled in with a data package. I think that cell companies that sell data packages benefit from services like Twitter because they increase the value of the data package. - Seth Gottlieb
 I know 2 weeks probably is being a tad overly optimistic. :) Half full vs half empty. - Mathew A. Koeneker
 20 comments here. 1 on the blog site. A trend? - Seth Gottlieb
 @Seth This is where FF can mop up. They need to get their API to feedback into various site's comment systems. Then it will own :) I never post replies on Flickr, but I have been leaving replies here when I see a nice piccy. Shame it doesn't update the Flickr page :( - Jake Fudge
HUNG posted two entries on Wangtam
Dave Winer posted a message on Twitter
"If I followed Calacanis he would rank third behind Scoble and Chris Brogan, with a factor of 120,435,995."
41 minutes ago - Comment
 Adrian Scicluna liked this
 Dave, now come on: are you trying to egg Jason on? :) - Chris Judson
 I was trying to respond to his criticism. BTW, I didn't manually delete him, as he says I did -- the script just tracks people I follow, and I don't follow him, for obvious reasons. This spew thing is supposed to be fun, kind of a parody of all the rankings that supposedly mean so much in the blogosphere, but if people whine too much aobut it, it stops being fun. - Dave Winer
Google Reader
Louis Gray shared an item on Google Reader
43 minutes ago - Comment
 Really, that the study suggests that there are 9 more digitally savvy cities than SF/SJ calls credibility into question. That's a silly assertion. - Jonathan
 Jonathan, if it was just SF and not the greater Bay area, it jibes with my experiences and I've lived here for 10 years. I live in a neighborhood where there are a LOT of iPhones, but I am the person I've ever seen watching video on one in public. I also rarely see anyone using them for e-mail or web. - Robert Seidman
 @Robert, I'm originally from DC (#5) and recently saw a bunch of friends who live in NYC (#9), all of whom are intelligent, iphone using folks. No one I know, outside of the bay area has ever heard of Friendfeed, almost no one has heard of Twitter and most people still think Facebook is a fad for college kids. SF/SJ should be #1 on that list in absolute terms much less per capita. - Jonathan
 Jonathan, I too am originally from DC (born there and spent most of the first 30 years there). I know at least three people in DC who've heard of FriendFeed, but it's probably because I told them. I think if we walked around the coffee shops of SF and asked people if they'd ever heard of FriendFeed the results wouldn't be very different than what you'd get in Omaha. - Robert Seidman
 @ Robert. The early adopter meme is in play here, but Omaha is not viable. I've doubt that anyone over the age of 21 has heard of Facebook in Omaha. - Jonathan
 I'll bet you $20 that Warren Buffett and everyone over 21 who works for him in Omaha has heard of Facebook Probably wouldn't take that bet with FriendFeed though ;-) - Robert Seidman
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Louis Gray shared an item on Google Reader
43 minutes ago - Comment
 Nikpay, CJ Kloote, Morton Fox, Svartling and 1 other person liked this
Dave Winer posted a message on Twitter
"Looks like Jason Calacanis is having a bad day over there. http://tinyurl.com/yvxxgf"
2 hours ago - Comment
 now I know why I don't follow him closely. :) - Todd Jordan
 Dave and Jason need to just get along and sing kumbaya together. - David Risley
Dave Winer posted a message on Twitter
"Gallup Daily: Obama Leads Clinton by 51% to 43%. http://tinyurl.com/56wfm8"
1 hour ago - Comment
 Amazing that she has even that much support... World's worst sore loser. - Tad Donaghe
Google Reader
Louis Gray shared three items on Google Reader
Sacca posted a link
45 minutes ago - Comment
 Wish I could have access to the full range of applications submitted to view the contrast between the witty liberal snark and the eerily xenophobic fascist suggestions. - Sacca
 Wow. Where did you find that? Good thing I didn't see that before the submission deadline. Given one of my previous employers my participation could have been considered cheating. - Jonathan
michael arrington posted a message on Twitter
"The fbOpen Initiative: Facebook Confirms Plans to Open-Source Its Platform http://tinyurl.com/54vxxg"
49 minutes ago - Comment
Google Reader
Michael Randall shared an item on Google Reader
Google Reader
Louis Gray shared an item on Google Reader
3 hours ago - Comment
 Warren Whitlock, Julian Baldwin, Cathryn Hrudicka, Atul Arora and 6 other people liked this
 For some reason that terrifies me. Just me? - Steve Spalding
 Google is the new Microsoft. - Kenneth LeFebvre
 Scares me more than a little too. - Heather Nasca Dulin
 And there's another factor involved, which is that you can divide our industry into two kinds of people: those who want to go work for a company to make it successful, and those who want to go work for a successful company. Netscape's early success and rapid growth caused us to stop getting the former and start getting the latter. http://www.jwz.org/gruntle/nom... - silpol
 talk about the kiss of death - leigh himel
 There goes Google... - Alan Cheslow
 I'll say something... MBAs TRAIL innovation. They always want to go to the LAST big thing. So this is a sign of maturity, not thoughtfulness. (Part of why I've never gone out to get an MBA) I think it was true when they all wanted to work at IBM and then Microsoft in previous decades as well. - Louis Gray
 Guy Kawasaki blogged about how MBAs are often NOT taught to think like entrepreneurs. Hopefully this is changing at some schools. What is the percentage of recent MBAs who want to start their own company instead of working for Google or other large companies? Does anyone know stats? - Cathryn Hrudicka
 How can you generalize MBAs when so much of it depends on the individual? I think that's an unrealistic viewpoint, don't you? Being reasonable is part of thoughtfulness as well. - Julian Baldwin
 What DO MBAs do anyway? - Yuvi
Louis Gray posted a link
TechCrunch Statistics A-W - The StatBot TechCrunch Statistics A-W - The StatBot
1 hour ago - Comment
 possible248, Morgan, Robert Seidman, Julian Baldwin and 1 other person liked this
 "Posting frequency almost doubled after May 2007, and has been increasing ever since. I believe that hiring more bloggers to be part of TechCrunch resulted in the, uh, "explosion". Gabe Rivera explained that this(ie going Pro) was one of the reasons TC was given more weight on Techmeme." - Louis Gray
 Sorry for the inconvenience! - Yuvi
Yuvi (friend of Louis Gray) posted an entry on The StatBot
2 hours ago - Comment
 Louis Gray and Robert Seidman liked this
 love these posts! - Robert Seidman
 Thanks :) - Yuvi
Robert Scoble posted a message on Twitter
"@andybeal I don't always side with free. I pay both Flickr and SmugMug (and I pay for Hotmail too). Trackur sounds interesting."
3 hours ago - Comment
 Bearded_Dave and Jigar Mehta liked this
 You *pay* for hotmail? o.O I *might* use hotmail if someone paid me... - Tanath
 Yes. I pay for Hotmail so I can forward it to Gmail. :-) - Robert Scoble
 LOL, you can do that for free... - Tanath
 I think Hotmail is fairly good service! Why do you hate hotmail so much, Tanath? - Jigar Mehta
 I pay only for Flickr and Where's George. The latter is because I've seen evidence that Hank uses the money for server upgrades. - Morton Fox
 @Jigar... I just don't think it compares to Gmail, nor even the new Yahoo mail last time I used it. And considering all the issues I've seen and heard with Hotmail over the years... - Tanath
 I currently pay for Flickr, lifetime account at LibraryThing, and Tigernet.com - Jeff Quinton
 I just had a quick look at SmugMug. Am I the only one that has an instinctual aversion to sites that display the "HackerSafe" logo? - Paul Grave
 Well, have you tried Windows Live Hotmail service? Its really good.. Though, if you are addicted to gmail, its difficult to move yourself there, I agree! If you are one sending lots of photo emails, you may want to consider it, because Windows Live Mail (desktop app) is really cool !! - Jigar Mehta
 I pay for Pownce, Flickr and Zagat. - Thomas Hawk
 I hate Windows anything; whether you pay for the stuff or not they never seem very stable :( - Sally Church
Jeremy Zawodny bookmarked a page on del.icio.us
3 hours ago - Comment
 I guess Maria is off the air. - Jeremy Zawodny
 Has it really been two years of The 9? Wow. - Joe Arnold
 karin to lloyd: c ya. or was it scott? - Lucas Gonze
 lloyd's original comment that started it: "Where's my morning show?" - Lucas Gonze
Louis Gray dugg a story on Digg
6 hours ago - Comment
 CJ Kloote liked this
 "and also frankly unqualified people slagging the service for it's unreliability and also coming up with stupid ignorant answers to how it should be fixed" - surely what qualifies as user to slag off its reliability is the fact that they are USERS OF THE SERVICE. Any user of a service expects it to be reliable, and is justified in complaining when it isn't. - Slippy Lane
 Scoble is wrong, but so is this. - Cyndy
 That was harsh. - DAVE ID
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